My website is very slow, what can I do?


- Static sites are much faster than the dynamic, so it may be a better choice when there is no need for frequent updating of their contents.

- The loading speed of a dynamic website depends on many things. View below some of those which might have to consider:

  • A homepage with a large number of graphic elements, images or multiple flash graphics.
  • Your site is connected to other sites in order to pull any content (it adds some seconds of delay).
  • Google Analytics Code: Certainly adds a delay. You can improve this situation by placing the code at the bottom of the page (you can get instructions from Google).
  • By using a large number of modules, the memory requirement may exceed the  memory limit that the shared hosting can provide. See the memory requirements for your CMS by visiting their official website. In such case, may it's the right time to think about which modules is really necessary for your website and which can be removed.
  • Get help from a website that can measure and analyse your website's speed: WebSite-Speed-Analyser
  • Turn on the content compression from your cPanel.
  • See also, if the CMS you are using supports CSS and JavaScripts compression or other improving techniques.
  • See if the CMS you are using supports caching of pages because the CMS generate pages on "demand". This will significantly speed up your website. But keep in mind that any changes you make will appear a bit late, depending on the caching's settings.
  • A good CMS system is still fast even the traffic is increases.
  • Do not use extra code when it is not really needed. Extra code is extra delay.
  • Do not use larger images than you actually need.

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