E-mails that are returned, rejected by the recipient or are blacklisted

Note. We can fix the problem only if it is caused by the server (eg blacklisted IP).If it is an e-mail problem (blacklisted e-mail) we have no obligation to delete the e-mail address from the blacklists. In this case you have to do it yourself.

It is better to protect your e-mail. For instance don't put your e-mail address on your website unprotected. Spammers are scanning the websites and collect addresses easily. Insert your e-mail as image and even better add some "noise" to your image. Another solution is to replace the @ symbol with text in brackets. eg mymail (add the symbol) mydomain.gr. Don't use the "at" or "@" even into the brackets. Some robots are clever enough to discover this trick.

Use a PHP contact form instead of JavaScript because php is more secure.

If you have one of the problems that are listed on this article  please visithttp://www.haltabuse.org/help/headers  to get help. Then send an e-mail to ZiZ support containing the details of the answer that you will get. If you are not sure just call us.

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