What can SiteBuilder do?

Step-by-step wizard with supported Drag and Drop allows end users to create the design, structure, edit the content, define parameters and publish a website.

Modules make Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder even more powerful and flexible; included modules are: SitePal, Blog, Image Gallery, Guestbook, eShop, Forum, Feedback, Registration, RSS Reader, Voting, Script, Area Map with Google Maps, File Download, SiteMap, External Page, and Flash Intro.


What does it offers

1 user account

1 Website for each account (Domains & Sub-Domains)

99 pages for each website

25 root page categories

Plesk Sitebuilder is empowered with a user-friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) content editor, which enables you to see the content on the display screen exactly as it appears on the Internet.

SiteBuilder includes hundreds of high quality design templates divided by categories for more convenient navigation and tutorials on how to create and add custom templates and skins.

You may upload your own logo.

Many website categories and subcategories.

Easy to create and manage the menu.

Easy to add modules (drag and drop)


And More

Script block

Area Map

Feedback form

On - line status indicator

RSS reader

Site map




Image gallery

Downloads page


Flash intro

Links to other websites



Registration page


Fotolia site (SiteBuilders customers recieve a 20% bonus for buying images from Fotolia)



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How much does Site Builder cost?

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What kind of support do you provide?

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