How much does Site Builder cost?

  • The service is free when it is purchased with one of our Hosting Plans ZiZ-Basic, ZiZ-1, ZiZ-2, ZiZ-3.
  • The service costs 3€ per year (taxes are not included) when it is purchased with one of our Hosting Plans Domain Parking, Free Hosting, ZiZ Personal.
  • Provides 1 user account to access the Control Panel
  • Allows you to create a (1) website per account, up to 99 pages.
  • To publish your website you will need a Hosting Plan
  • You can have the "free Hosting" plan for one year if you purchase Domain Name from ZiZ or transfer yours to our company.
  • You can try the sitebuilder for 3 days without any obligation. This website is automatically deleted on the third day. But if you wish you can order the service on time and link the website to your account.
  • You also have the option to let us do it for you. Α qualified member of our staff will undertake the construction of a professional web site for you at a very low price.


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