I have uploaded my site but am still seeing the “Under Construction” page.

  • Your pages have to been uploaded to the public_html or www folder (essentially both folders are the same directory).
  • The default under construction page is located in the public folder and is named index.html
  • If your website has a homepage with the same name, the default under-constraction page will be replaced by your homepage.
  • If you can't see your homepage, it means that your website uses a startpage of another type eg index.php (instead of index.html).
  • When typing in the browser a domain name to visit it, the server automatically searches for a startpage. The start pages may have different names such as index.htm, index.html, index.php, etc. There is a predetermined priority order for the appearance of the startpage. Some types have priority over others. For example, a dynamic website typically has a home page index.php. In our case, the server will find the ZiZ under construction page that is index.html and has priority and will display it, while yours is properly in place.
  • In this case, delete the ZiZ "index.html" so the server will find and display your start page.

Note: Sometimes is needed to refresh the homepage on your browser (Ctrl+F5) in order to view the changes.

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