Difference between Instant and Positive private SSL

  • The private SSL we sell for 150 euros (+VAT) is the Comodo Instant SSL (Company validated).
  • The private SSL we sell for 50 euros (+VAT), is the Comodo Positive SSL (Domain validated).


  • Both certificates are registered with the owner's domain name.
  • Both certificates will avoid browser warnings.
  • Both certificates trigger visual security confirmation (lock icons and color coded address bars) in the visitor's browser.
  • Both certificates normally cost money.
  • Both certificates are extra addons to hosting.


  • Positive SSL can be reissued for free. Instant SSL costs $25 to reissue.
  • Instant SSL can authenticate (verify) your domain's WHOIS information, but Positive SSL can only authenticate the domain name.
  • Instant SSL comes with Comodo Warranty, but Positive SSL does not.
  • Instant SSL comes with an interactive site seal, but Positive SSL has only a static site seal.
  • Instant SSL can be added to idAuthority. 

About Comodo Warranty:
All Comodo SSL certificate services include a limited Warranty to provide your site extra assurance that your site is safe to conduct online business. This Warranty is payable to your site visitors who rely on your Comodo SSL certificate and who incur losses resulting directly from an online credit card transaction as a result of a mis-issued Comodo SSL certificate. This Warranty is only payable if the transaction involved an amount no greater than the Max Transaction Value identified below for the relevant certificate type. Only up to $1,000 may be paid out per transaction, and the aggregate warranty amount paid out per SSL certificate (the "Payment Limit") is as set forth below.

Comodo Certificate Type Max Transaction Value Payment Limit
PositiveSSL $0 $0
InstantSSL $1,000 $10,000



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