Shall I have backups of my website?

If you purchased your hosting package before the 1st of the January 2014,
you have to take your backups manualy via the cPanel. It is fast and easy. It is also a good idea to keep copies of your backups localy. It is easy to restore your website from your backups, anytime. If you provide us your backup we will restore your site for free. Note that there is a cost of 15 euro +VAT If you will need a backup of the datacenter. So we strongly recomment you to keep your own backups for an easy and free of charge website restoration.

If you purchased your hosting package after the 1st of the January 2014,
it is possible to have automated backups via the "R1 Soft Restore Backups" application in your cPanel (If the "R1 Soft Restor Backups" icon exist on your cPanel.). You can restore your site easily by few clicks.

If you are not sure in which category you belong, look for the "R1 Soft Restor Backups" icon in your cPanel. If this icon exists please read the second case above. If this icon does not exist, please read the first case above.

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