.UK Domain Registration Requirements

Registrant Name:

- When registering a .uk domain, the registrant should always be the person, business or organisation who will be using that domain.

- When registering a .uk domain in the name of a business or organisation then please specify the full name including Ltd if they are a Limited company or Plc if a Public Limited company etc.


Legal Type:

Please ensure that when registering a domain, the legal type matches the registrant name inserted i.e. if the domain is to be registered to a person, their legal type will be INDIVIDUAL or if the domain is to be registered to a Limited company then the Legal type selected should be UK LIMITED COMPANY.


Company ID number:

This field should be completed when the Legal type is set to anything except INDIVIDUAL, SOLE TRADER, UK ENTITY, FOREIN ORGANISATION or OTHER FOREIGN ORGANISATIONS.

- For registered companies, the company ID number will be held by Companies House ( http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk )

- For registered charities, these numbers will be held by The Charity Commision for England & Wales ( http://www.charity-commission.gov.uk/ )


Whois opt out:

All domains have an associated registration record which can be searched and viewed on the internet as to whom the domain is registered to. 

This allows anybody to see what domains are already registered, when they were registered, when they expire and to whom they are registered.

For .uk domains, the whois will show the registrant name, legal type, company ID number (if applicable) and the registrants address.

Other contact details such as telephone number and email address ARE NOT SHOWN.


The .uk registry (Nominet) have determined that ONLY domains which are registered to people with legal type set as INDIVIDUAL and where the domain is for personal use (i.e. not using a website to trade under) can opt out from having their address details published in the domains' whois output. 


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