How long does it take to create a Hosting Plan?

All our hosting plans are activated instantly after the payment.
If you choose to pay via Wire Transfer, you have to e-mail us about your payment. When we receive your payment, we will activate your hosting plan sortly.

If your hosting order includes a custom hosting plan, then your service will be activated within 12 hours. All the orders are activated by priority.


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Can I upgrade my Hosting Plan?

You can upgrade your hosting plan at any time of your subscription. The upgrade is very...

What kind of servers are you using

Our shared servers have the following specifications (specs):   10 X Intel(R) Xeon(R)...

Why do some companies offer unlimited space or Bandwidth?

Unfortunately Disc Space and Internet Bandwidth costs. The companies that advertise packages...

Do you have refund quarantee?

Our services are accompanied by a money back guarantee within 15 days from the date of...